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Random Banished Quote Of The Day
I'm Not The Leader. I Just Founded The Fleet. All Of My Ladies Make The Decisions. There Would Be No Fleet Without Them. They Make The Rules. I Just Visit.

- Yawne'wI'
Banished Shoutbox
thanks Zono! I'll be accepting applications for stand-in actors for the next one soon! *kisses*
that video trailor was very good
game server is in and out
pokes and hugs
I'm not sure! It's supposed to work!
is this working
Yay! Shoutbox working!
Hey hey heyas
test shout
Banished Trailer #2
Banished Notice Board

A new Interactive Map has been added to the website!!
I invite and encourage everyone to use it.

Want to know where the Banished Fleet and their friends hide and seek refuge while away from their captain's chairs?
Want to know where Yawne'wI's crib is?
Want to know who's in your timezone?
Want to let other's know where you are?

Visit and add your location marker now!

Banished Android App

The Android App Dedicated To The Star Trek Online Fleet

Banished Orion Girls

Now In Testing!
Download, Share, Test, Comment

Direct Downlod HERE

To The Right, You May Also "Test" The App Before Downloading
Please Note That Not All Functions May Not Work Properly Within The Webpage.

This Android App and it's content is completely free to use by anyone.

Calendar (Instantly post news and events into Wesite calendar, and visaversa)
Member Histories
Banished Facebook
Banished Twitter
Radio (Listen live to your favorite DJ's at Subspace-Radio
Fleet Videos
Live Chat (Communicate instantly to the chat located within our webpage, SSR's IRC, as well as in-game)

More Features Coming Soon

From Neela To Banished
Banished Trailer #1
Banished At Infected
Banished On SSR
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